Δευτέρα, 31 Ιανουαρίου 2011

Just to say hello....


I really wanted to do a properly post since I haven't write anything since Thursday but I am sooo tired that the only thing I want right now IS MY BED!!!!xexe


My day was exhausting...I was writing a test for 3 hours but the worst part was my anxiety...oh my.. this feeling can kill me!!!I suffer from anxiety and every time! in every case! I can't control myself and it aaaaalways works against me...Anyway I don't want to grumble to you my precious friends(old and NEW-thank you sooo much-).....even though I loove to grumble..xe!!I just wanted to say a quick hello before I go to BED!!!Really do you suffer from anything???Or am I the only one???

I also want to say a huge "thank you" for all your beautiful comments about my two headbands!!I really appreciate each one of them!!! Tomorrow I'll have a more decent post...and that's a promise!!!


Sweet-colourful dreams!!!!

Πέμπτη, 27 Ιανουαρίου 2011

As I promised....

New items in my little shop...

-2 Headbands...

It was my first attempt to make something like that so I made only two!!But I'll make more after exam period...


...the daughter of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra in Greek mythology. Her name means "strong-born", "born to strength", or "she who causes the birth of strong offspring."

...and -Hippolyte

...the Amazonian queen who possessed a magical girdle she was given by her father Ares, the god of war. The girdle was a waist belt that signified her authority as queen of the Amazons.

Tell me your opinion my beautiful friends...Do you like them???I hope so...

For more information you can go here...

Sweet dreaaaams

Who are you anyway????

Alkisti I know that we both look teeerrible in this photo but I reaaly like it...sorryyy.xexe

Maybe do YOU want it?????

I decided to do a little "get to know me better" post so my old and new friends can figure out what is wrong with me...xaxaxaxaxxa

Let's begiiin.....

My officialy name is Katerina and I got it fron my father's mama(xe)!!I study geology to Athens university(grrrr) and I don't like it anymoreeeee....it's a difficult one and I am not interesting about this science anymore....I have my precious jewels now..xa!!But I want to take my degree(some day..in the near future...I HOPE!!!)...Only for my parents and my grandfather who were really really proud of me when I got into university...and of course for aaall the hours of hard working that I have spent in and out of there...exercises.laboratories,excursions...aaaaaaa!Anyway,now I have finally find myself and I know what I want to do" when I get older"(xaxaxaxa).I am working at a shop 4 years now and I really like my job.It's a part time job actually.I looove to spend my free time with my parents and my grandma and especially with my friends and THE boy....

But I don't want to daze you anymore about me...I think you got enough of your "Happy kathy" dose today...xaxaxaxaxaxa!Thanks for listening!!Now that I finally decided to write more posts everyday I'll share with you much more crazy-happy-sad-stupid info about me...if you want it of course!!Do you?Do you???????

Back to books now...Talk to you laaaater with my Etsy update!!!!

Until then...smileeeeeee

"Έλα στη θέση μου"


Η Χριστιάνα,φίλη και συνblogίτισσα, μου έκανε την τιμή και μου ζήτησε να "κάτσω" στη θέση της στο υπέροχο της Blog, Knitting my life!!Και τι εννοώ με αυτό??Είναι μία καινούρια ανάρτηση σε στυλ συνέντευξης κατά την οποία πρέπει να απαντήσεις σε κάποιες πολύ ενδιαφέρουσες ερωτήσεις!Μπορείτε όοολοι να δηλώσετε συμμετοχή στο blog της.Είναι μία ωραία διαδικασία και μοιραζόμαστε έτσι όμορφες πληροφορίες ο ένας για τον άλλο!!Αν θέλετε να δείτε τη δική μου συνέντευξη μπορείτε να "πεταχτείτε" μέχρι το Knitting my life...και να δείξετε στη φίλη μου την αγάπη σας!!!

Sorry for writting this post in greek but it's about my little "interview" at Xristianas blog Knitting my life which is also written in greek, so, soooory!!!!

Τετάρτη, 26 Ιανουαρίου 2011

My news in a little post....

First of all I want to say something to my new readers!!!Yesterday I added the "Follow" gadget and today soo many people responded to it!!!Thank you veeery much my friends!!


Tomorrow:Etsy update...

Excited:new projects...to my little blog soon...


Super excited:I ordered this headband from Elycia....(yeaaa)


Sad:I have to study... :-((


That's all for today!!Tell me your news my friends...is everything okkk???

gOOd night to aaall of you!!!

Right now I am in the mood for...

...Rachel Bilson's style...

...I first met her from the tv series California Teens...(I was watching this series like crazy...and I was secretly in love with Seth..xexe)

...I think this girl has an amazing sense of style!!!She is really beautiful and sweet and I like all her outfits but my favourite is this...

Oh my...I love her shoes and her scarf soo much!!!

What's yours favourite outfit???

P.S (I'm thinking to start posting some of my outfits ...just for fun(xe!)!!what do you think?)

(All Rachel's photos are from here and the O.C photo is from here and I added the heart..)

I send you stylish kisses my friends!!Have a beautiful day!!

Τρίτη, 25 Ιανουαρίου 2011

I feel good...tourouorouorourou

Something like this happened a few hours ago in our living room....but I didn't dancing because of the cheerfull song theme...



Miss pink dreamer bought today two pair of earrings....and she made me really reallyyy happy!!!She is a little fairy-witch and I just found her blog...it's a magical place full of colours and her beautiful art!!!You can also find her work at Etsy.You should definitely visit her!!!

I decided to add the "Follow" thing in my blog...soooo if you want you are welcome to "follow" me!!

...and many more..I promise!!!

I am going to bed now and read my book...it's getting more and more interestring!!

Goodnight my friends...

Δευτέρα, 24 Ιανουαρίου 2011

My current life....

Sooo these past few days most of the blogs that I am reading wrote a post about their current life....and I think it's my turn now to do it....

Let's begin.....

Eating/drinking: green tea..I am quite obsessed to it lately

Listening to: Metallica - Fixxer

Pondering: Tο study or not to study (sedimentology...OMG)????I guess study because exams are comiiing...

Wearing: A blue jacket-a cozy scarf-an old blue pair of trousers-a big lion hair accessory

Anticipating: for the upcoming exams to end...xaxaxaxaxxaxaxaxaxa

Baking: nothing nothing and nothiiiing

Reading: a marvelous book ....


I can't stop reading it..

Loving: to create...


...anything...anytime... all the tiiime

Buying: I bought these two today....can't wait to use them!!I really like the combination of their colour....

What's on YOUR list my friends??If you want share it with me!!If you don't have a blog you can write it on a piece of paper and send me the photo at happykathyjewellery@gmail.com....

Looking forward to read all of them....

Κυριακή, 23 Ιανουαρίου 2011

Life is not always pink

A few days ago one of my best friends made some comments for my blog.. She asked me how I could be soooo happy all the time. All my posts are too happy to be true; life it’s not like this at all! I guess it’s time to explain myself to you all.

In general I am a very optimistic person who always tries to see the bright side of life. But still I am like everyone else. I have my good days and I have very bad days. Days that the sun cannot brighten my mood and I just want to stay in my bed with my music. As far as concerned my blog now I try these bad days not to write anything. I write only when I have something optimistic to share with you my friends.

All this time that I have my blog I made new friends and I finally found a way to share my creations. It’s been a nice ride until now. I have a closed character and it’s difficult to open myself up in a public blog. But I feel that it’s time to start sharing more things with you. I feel more comfortable now. I will try, at least, to share with you some of my concerns and black thoughts. Happy things for happy people who sometimes are not that happy from now on…

Have a nice night...

love Katerina.

Σάββατο, 22 Ιανουαρίου 2011

Is it a disaster????

I decided to design on my own my new business card...so I am trying to draw....until now I am still!! trying....xexe...I haven't even designed the basic lines....but anyway...I think I'll make it finally...(I hope!!)...or it will be a total disaster!!!!!

Listen to this song..it is very emotional and a little sad but I love it....

Matthew Good - Avalanche (Album Version)

My friend Alkistis told me about this artist a few months ago and since then I can't stop listening to him....

That's all for now my friends!!!!!What are your plans for the weekend????

Whatever they are...Don't forget to smileeee

Παρασκευή, 21 Ιανουαρίου 2011

When a girl met a boy....


A sweet girl named Bethani and her amazing blog "When a girl met a boy" made me the honor to ask me to participate to one of her giveaways with my jewels...and of course I said YES because I love her blog and she is sooo sweet!!!!Everyone who participates will win my "Hera" ring and the "Waiting for a love letter" earrings!!!!So if you want go and check out this Lovely Giveaway and send to this beautiful girl some of your looove!!!!

Thanks again Bethani!!!!I hope you always be happy!!!


And you too my friends!!!!!!!!


The grand opening...

....of my little Etsy shop......

It is finally ready!!!!!!!Oh I am so Happy that I finally did it!!!!One of my goals for 2011 has just been erased from the list...xe!!!!You can find my things at.....Happy Kathy on Etsy

or you can just click on these beautiful Buttons that my lovely blogfriend Lindsay from Scenic Glory made for me....


Etsy button 2

They are so beautiful...don't you think??????

I would really want to hear your opinion about my little shop...your opinion always counts for me....

I want to say A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU who supports me with nice comments and kind words and to everyone who buys my jewels...

You make Happy Kathy mooooore Happy people!!!!!!!

Don't forget to smileeeeeeeeee

Τρίτη, 11 Ιανουαρίου 2011

Greek mythology meets Happy Kathy

It's the first time in my life that I am making rings...I always wanted to do it but now it's the right time!!!!I enjoy so much all the process...I love the materials that I use(buttons,newspapers,flowers,feathers...etc) and of course I am proud of the result!!So,I decided to combine my love for my rings with my passion...for greek mythology.... and with pleasure I want to introduce you....





For more of my lovely ancient ladies you just have to wait until the openning of my little shop...xexe

Until then smiiiile and have fun!!!!!


I am excited because I have a looot of news for you my friends!!First of all my little Etsy shop is finally ready!!!Hoorayyyyy!!!!I am going to announce the opening of the shop when my special blogfriend Lindsay finish my etsy button!!She is a real artist and I can't wait to see my new buttooon...I am sure it's going to be perfect!!!!


You can see her excellent work here......Scenic Glory!!

A big Happy Giveaway it's going to happen next week at a special to me and sooo soooo sweet blog...but I am not telling you anything else...shhhhhhh...it's a secret!!!!!You just gonna looove it!!xexe...


Right now I am making hair bands like crazy..I love them so much!!!!!

I leave you with an awesome photo....


Cool right??????


Τετάρτη, 5 Ιανουαρίου 2011

Happy New Yeaaaar!!!!!!!!!!

Happyyyy New Year my lovely friends!!!!How are you??Did you have a good time??My New Year's Eve was pretty amazing...with my family and my friends....full of smiles and nice memories...I am feeling sooo happy and blessed about it!!!!!

This is how I made my brother's little christmas tree....

Cute right????xexeeeeeee

I have for you some newwww rings.....

And two songs that I am listening aaall the time these days.....

Grease - You're the One That I Want 

Grease - Summer Nights [[Official Video]] HQ

Loooove this movie!!!Tell me moooore...Tell me moooore about your day myyy friends!!!!!!!


and don't forget to smiiiiile